Le Ndomo


Le Ndomo is a social enterprise created to address the unemployment problem of young people who have not had the chance to study or to attend school. Ndomo aims to give these young people training with local knowledge: In addition to technical training, it also aims to assist young people in life by facilitating their socialization and by giving them values that will increase the quality of their lives; responsibility, personal commitment, work and solidarity, in strict compliance with the values of traditional African society.


Le Ndomo must be economically efficient for them to earn a living. This means that, as a company, we must be concerned with all terms of running a business: product development, commercialization, marketing, investment, organization, quality management, etc... We must use every modern means of management to ensure the economic success of the company.


But this economic objective would be meaningless if it wasn’t in the service of society.Our growth and our mode of operation must be consistent with the fundamentals of our cultural society. At Le Ndomo it is essential that young people can thrive in their social environment, while performing a job that allows them to have a decent income.


With this new form of business, we no longer work in the traditional system of employer and employee but we function more as an African family in which all members act individually and collectively for their livelihood. Besides the initiatives of Le Ndomo in the field of Natural Dyeing we are also active in the field of agriculture and cattle farming.



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